About Us

Imagine- Walking into a party where everyone looks at you in awe. Don’t you feel confident? Don’t you want to be a style diva? Doesnt it feel exalting when people appreciate your beauty? Well we at glow beauty bar we have come with hair styling, hair removal and other beauty techniques so that our clients feel special every minute of the day. So that they be the alpha females in their group and carry out their scheme of things confidently with swag.
We are an exclusive beauty store that helps you walk with pride- head held high- and you look people in eye. We provide you with solutions that ward off your styling stresses and inferiority complexes turning your life’s 360 degrees, from a fiat into a cadillac. And when you feel pleasant it automatically reflects in your inter personal skills and work. We have been recommended by fashion models.
We have been in the business for over 20 years. We always keep a track of the latest developments in the hair care and spa industry and have innovated and reinvented ourselves with changing time. We value our clients so much that we provide an extensive, open to all consultation session without any charges. This will help you gain an insight in your hair care and give you better ways to tackle problems. So just give us a call at 516-931-7750 to take an advantage of this limited opportunity.