Tape-in Hair

Nancy, a blonde, with hair upto belly button stated that her college mates looked upto her when it came to hair. Her hair were a treat to watch when she participated in dance competitions. She was known as the college Rapunzel for her hair. Once, even, one of the strictest teachers had asked her about the secret to such magical, flawless hair.

Only Nancy knew the secret. Nancy had hair only upto her shoulders and the rest were tape ins. Get long, shiny and strong hair y using tape ins that match your hair colour,texture and thickness. Here in Glow Beauty Bar we have hired experienced experts. We give time to your hair and give you tape ins that perfectly match your requirements. And we assure you that we will get you tape ins that look cent percent natural. Only you will know the secret.

Halo Extension

The newest technique in the town for managing hair .They are the only extensions that don’t need any physical attachment to your hair. Thus they look totally natural and do not even slightly damage your hair. They can be removed at will. So now you can style your hair in a different way everyday..

Clip in Hair

Clip in hair, as the name suggests, use a clip to keep the extensions intact. We even deliver them at your doorstep so you can order them and get the most affordable hair in an extremely hassle-free way. As known by most stylists they are the best hair extension method if you want to style yourself for some special occasion.